I’m Just Snapping A Musical Picture

Tom Cochrane’s living room is a small, cosy niche located at the heart of Cabbagetown. The furniture is neat and looks recently purchases – a trendy little Art Shoppe sectional couch.

Red Rider’s Neruda Packs Punch

Toronto’s Red Rider, who topped record charts two years ago with White Hot and Lunatic Fringe, remain an industry enigma with the release of their third LP Neruda.

Themes For The Eighties Individual

“I miss the snow,” Tom Cochrane, Red Rider’s lead vocalist and songwriter says via telephone from his hotel room in sunny Tallahassee, Florida. “Like hell I do,” he quickly adds with a laugh.

Red Rider Pays Homage To Poet

When Pablo Neruda was offered a high-ranking government position by his good friend Salvadore Allende, president of Chile, the South American poet could not accept.

Gators C-Fox Monday Night Live Red Rider

Red Rider, a band that facilely combines the rockabilly sound of the ’50s, the hard age of the ’80’s, and the futuristic concepts of tomorrow, was formed in Toronto in 1976…

Strong Push By Capitol For Red Rider

Capitol Records is going all out on the debut effort, Don’t Fight It, by Red Rider. A single titled White Hot was released February 5, followed by the album, released on February 11.