Red Rider Doesn't Get Too Heavy

Red Rider Doesn’t Get Too Heavy

Red Rider, the all-Canadian band playing tonight at Six Flags Over Georgia, prefers the cerebral approach to rock ‘n’ roll, but has been concluded that does not necessarily sell records or please concertgoers.

Red Rider Thoroughly Unpredictable

Red Rider Thoroughly Unpredictable

For those of us diehards that still value the odd smattering of lyric intelligence in our popular music, Red Rider has been a constant source of pleasure…

Red Rider Doesn't Have A Rock Formula

Red Rider Doesn’t Have A Rock Formula

“We believe that we have a sound, a style,” says Tom Cochrane of Canadian Rock Band Red Rider, “but we don’t think that we have a formula.” And with their just released fourth album, the low-key Red Rider will appear Sunday at the West Hartford Agora.

Red Rider Performs With Impact

Red Rider Performs With Impact

Rock with a political conscience has become legitimate once again, if not commercially viable. It is due to such bands as The Clash who have become millionaires despite of, or perhaps even because of, their radical politics.

Music With Poetic Message - Red Rider

Music With Poetic Message

In the 1960s it was Dylan, in the 1970s it was Springsteen, and in the 1980’s it’s Red Rider. The common theme is music with a message. Says RR vocalist-composer Tom Cochrane.

Ned Powers - Red Rider

Ned Powers

Tom Cochrane, leader of Red Rider, believes the band is gaining its remarkable recognition because it finally establishes an identity. The band will play at 7 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Red Rider Rolls Along The Rock Video Route

Red Rider Rolls Along The Rock Video Route

When Tom Cochrane, lead singer-songwriter for Red Rider, was running along the sand at Vancouver’s Wreck Beach earlier this week, it wasn’t because he needed the exercise

Red Rider Right At Home In West Article

Red Rider Right At Home In West

The rock group Red Rider is making a stop in Red Deer Tuesday as part of their tour of Western Canada, a region which has been very good to them.