Red Rider Rides Into Sacramento

Red Rider Rides Into Sacramento For Concert

“They were a lot better than I thought they would be” said Greg Cannon of Orangeville as a rock group Red Rider was leaving the stage after a recent performance at the Galactica 2000 in Sacramento.

Red Rider Beginning To Carve An Identity

Red Rider Beginning To Carve An Identity

It’s ironic that a band such as Red Rider should have the same prob­lem as the hard-core punk rock group Dead Kennedys trying to make socio-political statements in four/four time and at 115 decibels.

Rider Of The Storm - Red Rider

Rider Of The Storm

Tom Cochrane’s songs tell of struggle and justice – not at all your usual rock lyrics. A note to Wreck beach nudists: No, that wasn’t the Chariots of Fire sequel being filmed.

I’m Just Snapping A Musical Picture

Tom Cochrane’s living room is a small, cosy niche located at the heart of Cabbagetown. The furniture is neat and looks recently purchases – a trendy little Art Shoppe sectional couch.

Red Rider’s Neruda Packs Punch

Toronto’s Red Rider, who topped record charts two years ago with White Hot and Lunatic Fringe, remain an industry enigma with the release of their third LP Neruda.

Themes For The Eighties Individual

“I miss the snow,” Tom Cochrane, Red Rider’s lead vocalist and songwriter says via telephone from his hotel room in sunny Tallahassee, Florida. “Like hell I do,” he quickly adds with a laugh.

Red Rider Pays Homage To Poet

When Pablo Neruda was offered a high-ranking government position by his good friend Salvadore Allende, president of Chile, the South American poet could not accept.

New Sophistication For Red Rider

New Sophistication For Red Rider

Red Rider: Neruda (Capitol. You don’t have to be familiar with Red Rider to enjoy the most recent efforts of this Canadian rock band. Although better known for their hits, White Hot and Lunatic Fringe, Red Rider has taken to tackling ling more challenging dimensions with Neruda

Red Rider Gambles On Neruda

Red Rider Gambles On Neruda

The alarming image if an urban mob’s perverse fascination in Power (Strength in Numbers) opens Neruda, Red Rider’s most lyrically powerful release to date.

Red Rider's Return Solid And Satisfying Article

Red Rider’s Return Solid & Satisfying

Red Rider – Neruda. Mention contemporary Canadian Rock and a number of names spring readily to mind – April Wine, Loverboy, Rush, Rough Trade, Saga and The Payolas, just to mention a few.

Tricks Appeal To Red Rider Article

Tricks’ Appeal To Red Rider

Red Rider is an enigma. On one hand, you have a band than can display heavy metal excellence. On the other, you have a band that tends to get a bit carried away with itself.