Red Rider Albums
Red Rider Live
King Biscuit Flower Hour - Red Rider

Live at the Agora Ballroom Cleveland, OH. 1983.

Live From Central Park - Red Rider

Red Rider Live at Central Park. 1983.

BBC Rock Hour - Red Rider

Red Rider live in Cincinnati, OH. 1982



Some Kind Of Magic

Frank Faulk’s Ocean documentary on CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition.

Trapeze Radio Interviews - Jeff Jones

Trapeze - Radio Promo Tour

Radio promotional tour supporting Trapeze by Tom Cochrane & Red Rider. 2002.
(104.5 CHUM FM Toronto)

Smooth Bass - Jeff Jones Interview

Smooth Bass

Jeff talks to Peter Kotzbach for his ‘The Travel Wins’ podcast.
January 19 2022.

The Pandemic Interviews - Jeff Jones and Gerry Finn

The Pandemic Interviews #43

Pat Blythe Interviews Jeff Jones & Gerry Finn.
April 19 2022.

Beach Corner Interview

Interview with Jeff on Beach Corner with Dianna Chycki  (Beach Booster Radio), October 16th 2018.

Pretending To Fly - The Carpet Frogs

Everything Is Beautiful - The Carpet Frogs