I’ll Be There

Jeff Jones 2001 Track ListingInformationArtworkTrack Listing 1. I’ll Be There (Radio Edit) (4:15) 2. I’ll Be There (Full Version) (4:47) InformationLabel Bullseye Records of Canada Inc. Produced By Ken Greer Notes BEP-009 From the album ‘Positive’ BLR-CD-4051 Artwork


Jeff Jones 2001 Track ListingThe BandInformationNotesArtworkTrack Listing Here Today   3.41   (K.Greer / J,Jones) In Recovery   2.51   (J.Boswell) Diamond Light   4.26   (K.Greer) I’ll Be There   4.47   K.Greer / J.Jones) In Through The Out Door   4.01   (J.Jones / R.Coburn) Land Of You   4.52   (K.Greer / J.Jones) Positive   3.00   (K.Greer) First Degree   3.30   (K.Greer / N.Orenstein / J.Jones)

Ashes To Diamonds

Tom Cochrane 1993 Disc 1Disc 2Disc 3InformationArtworkDisc 1 White Hot [5:06] How’s My Little Girl Tonight [4:07] Make Myself Complete [3:34] Avenue “A” (Demo Version) [3:10]recorded in 1978 for the Red Rider album “Don’t Fight It” Don’t Fight It [4:18] Charlie Was A Dancer [3:03] Lunatic Fringe [4:21] Cowboys In Hong Kong (Previously Unreleased Alternate

Over 60 Minutes With…

Red Rider 1987 Track ListingInformationArtworkTrack Listing Light In The Tunnel [2:24] Power (Strength In Numbers) [3:54] Human Race [2:58] Can’t Turn Back [4:28] Napoleon Sheds His Skin [5:49] Walking The Fine Line + [4:49] Winner Take All + [4:00] Crack The Sky (Breakaway) [3:58] Lunatic Fringe ** [4:20] Cowboys in Hong Kong (As Far As

Rider Rocking On

This was supposed to Red Rider’s year. After the Neruda album established Tom Cochrane as a thoughtful, ambitious songwriter and Red Rider, at last, as a smart, cohesive unit, Cochrane, manager Bruce Allen and EMI Records put aside any notions of Orwellian paranoia and pegged 1984 as the year in which Red Rider broke through in the United States.

Breaking Curfew

Red Rider 1984 Track ListingInformationArtworkTrack Listing Whipping Boy* [3:12] Young Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me)* [3:32] One Way Out [3:53] Among The Ruins (I’ll Be Here) [4:34] Breaking Curfew [3:43] Someone’s Watching [3:51] Shake Monster [4:45] Beacon Hill* [4:51] Hold Tight [4:46] InformationLabel Capitol Records Produced By D.Tickle & T. Cochrane. (Except *Tom Cochrane /