April 2021

Apr 05 2021
Band’s New Wave Of Popularity (1983) article added to Article Section.
Music With Poetic Message (1983) article added to Article Section.
Ned Powers (1983) article added to Article Section.


February 2021

Feb 24 2021
4 Articles added to Article section.
Proud Pushers Of All-Canuck Rock
Rider of the Storm
Red Rider Gambles On Neruda
As Far As Siam – Red Rider (Review)

Feb 06 2021
Don’t Fight It – Red Rider (Review) from May 17 1980 added to Articles section.

Feb 02 2021
Multimedia Spotlight updated on home page.

January 2021

Jan 07 2021
Pictures added to Red Rider and Red Rider – Newspaper Picture albums..

Jan 06 2021
Rescheduled Bachman-Cumming Manitoba 150 added to Events Calendar.

Jan 05 2021
Article added from 1981 – Riding the Beach Boys Wave.
Article added from 1988 – Ocean Never Able To Match Success Of First Hit.
Article added from 1981 – Tricks Appeal To Red Rider.

Jan 01 2021
Three new Photo Albums added for Red Rider. Newspaper Pictures, Concert Adverts & Flyer and Other.

December 2020

Dec 26 2020
A couple of Ocean concert adverts added to Ocean Pictures Album.

Dec 14 2020
Events information updated.

Dec 03 2020
Christmas songs “Silent Night” & Christmas Wouldn’t Be Christmas (Without You) added to news page.

November 2020

Nov 11 2020
Blast From The Past Picture changed.
Three articles from 1984 added. ‘Rider Keeps Masks Intact’, ‘Red Rider Thoroughly Unpredictable’ and ‘Red Rider Sound Consistantly’. Pleasing

Nov 04 2020
Events List Updated