Jukebox Bachman Cummings 2007 – Sony Music Canada Track Listing Band Information Music 01: Baby Come Back02: Who Do You Love03: I’m Happy Just To Dance With You04: The Walk05: Don’t Talk to Him06: Man Of Mystery07: Ain’t That Just Like A Woman08: Little Queenie09: Good Times10: Like A Rolling Stone11 Judy In Disguise (With

Au Quebec

Au Quebec Gowan 1997 – Gowan Productions Track Listing Information Music 01. You’re A Strange Animal02. Cosmetics03. Dedication04. Pigeon05. Laura06. I’ll Be There In A Minute07. Pour un instant 08. Stephanie (Entracte studio)09. Pour un instant (Entracte studio)10. The Good Catches Up11. Guerrilla Soldier12. Lost Brotherhood13. Moonlight Desires14. A Criminal Mind15. You’ll Be With Me

Safety Zone

Safety Zone GNP 1989 – Virgin Music Canada  Track Listing Information Music 01: How Many Times 4:0702: One Life 3:4103: No Parade 4:3104: Remembering 4:2305: Love Must Be the Answer 4:0906: Safety Zone 4:2607: Eyes on the Prize 4:1508: French Connection 3:2409: Russian Roulette 4:0310: In Your Eyes 3:46 Virgin Music Canada – CDV 3065