Above The Ground Burton Cummings

2008 - Sony Music Entertainment

Above The Ground - Burton Cummings

1. Crazy If You Mess With The Gods
2. Junior Won’t Behave
3. T.P.O.S.
4. Any Minor Miracle
5. Powers At Play
6. Ponderlust
7. Rolloway
8. We Came From The U.S.A.
9. Pretty Pictures
10. Look Out Charlie
11. Kurt’s Song
12. Richard
13. Dream
14. Up In The Canyon
15. A Touch Of Morning
16. Revelation
17. Invisible
18. Retribution
19. Above The Ground

Burton Cummings – lead vocals, keyboards
Tim Bovaconti – electric & acoustic guitars, background vocals
Sean Fitzsimons – drums, percussion, background vocals
Jeff Jones – bass guitar, background vocals
David Love – electric & acoustic guitars, background vocals
Nick Sinopoli – background vocals, percussion
Joe Vannelli – Engineer, Hammond organ
Ross Vannelli – background vocals on “Any Minor Miracle”, additional guitar on “Junior Won’t Behave”

Produced by
Burton Cummings, Joe Vannelli (Associate Producer).

Writer: Burton Cummings (All Tracks). Time: 74 Minutes
Limited Edition: Disc 2 Behind The Scenes View Of Creating The Album.
Above the Ground is the eighth studio album by Burton Cummings.. It was his first solo recording since 1996, and also was his newest studio album since his 1990 release Plus Signs.
In 2010, New Door Records (a Universal Music Group label) released Above the Ground in the United States. The album cover was designed by Ernie Cefalu.