2002 - One Way Records – EMI Special Markets

Anthology 1980-1987 - Tom Cochrane & Red Rider

Anthology 1980-1987 by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider is a compilation of some of their best songs from their early years, including hits like White Hot, Lunatic Fringe, and Boy Inside The Man. The album showcases the band’s rock style and Tom Cochrane’s distinctive vocals and lyrics.

The album was released in 2002 by One Way Records, and it features tracks from Red Rider’s first four albums, as well as two songs from Tom Cochrane’s solo debut, Tom Cochrane and Red Rider. The album covers a range of themes, such as love, war, politics, and personal growth. It also reflects the band’s musical evolution and experimentation with different sounds and genres. Anthology 1980-1987 is a great way to revisit some of the classic songs by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider, or to discover them for the first time.

  1. White Hot
  2. Don’t Fight It
  3. Avenue “A”
  4. Lunatic Fringe
  5. Cowboys In Hong Kong (As Far As Siam)
  6. Light In The Tunnel
  7. Power (Strength In Numbers)
  8. Human Race
  9. Crack The Sky (Breakaway)
  10. Young Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me)
  11. Boy Inside The Man
  12. The Untouchable One

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Compilation Album – Various Producers

US compilation album with songs from Red Rider years and 2 from the Tom Cochrane & Red Rider album.