1997 - Gowan Productions

Gowan Au Quebec

Au Quebec is a live album by Canadian rock musician Gowan, released in 1997. The album features songs from Gowan’s previous studio albums, performed in front of enthusiastic Quebec audiences. The album also includes two new studio tracks: Stephanie, a duet with Jean-Guy Prince, and Pour Un Instant, a cover of a song by Harmonium.

The album showcases Gowan’s energetic and charismatic stage presence, as well as his impressive vocal and piano skills. The songs range from catchy pop-rock anthems like Strange Animal and Cosmetics, to emotional ballads like Laura and A Criminal Mind. The album also demonstrates Gowan’s appreciation and respect for Quebec culture and music, as he sings in French on some tracks and thanks the fans for their support.

01. You’re A Strange Animal
02. Cosmetics
03. Dedication
04. Pigeon
05. Laura
06. I’ll Be There In A Minute
07. Pour un instant
08. Stephanie (Entracte studio)
09. Pour un instant (Entracte studio)
10. The Good Catches Up
11. Guerrilla Soldier
12. Lost Brotherhood
13. Moonlight Desires
14. A Criminal Mind
15. You’ll Be With Me

Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar – Lawrence Gowan
Bass – Jeff Jones
Bongos – Frank Prather
Drums – Al Cross
Flute – Chris Flock
Guitar – Ken Greer

Directed By – Lawrence Gowan, Terry Brown