Everything is Beautiful - The Carpet Frogs

Everything Is Beautiful was released in 2003. The album features five tracks, including the catchy title song and a festive tune called “Christmas Would Not Be Christmas (Without You)”.

Everything Is Beautiful showcases the band’s versatility and talent, as they blend different styles and influences in their songs. The album has a positive and uplifting vibe, as the lyrics celebrate life, love and music. The album also displays the band’s tight harmonies and musical skills, as they play various instruments such as guitars, keyboards, saxophone and harmonica. Everything Is Beautiful is a fun and enjoyable album that will make you feel good.

  1. Everything Is Beautiful
  2. One Sense At A Time
  3. Blood Money
  4. Don’t Tie Me Down
  5. Christmas Would Not Be Christmas (Without You)

Produced By
Michael Zwig & Brad (Merlin) Nelson

Nick Sinopoli: Vocals
Michael Zweig: Guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion
David Love: 6- & 12-string guitars, vocals
Sean Fitzsimons: Drums, percussion, vocals
Jeff Jones: Bass guitar, vocals
Victor D’Arsie: organ on One Sense At A Time & Don’t Tie Me Down
Carlo DiBattista: trumpet on Blood Money
& Nick Clayton: trombone on Blood Money

Recorded at Metalworks Recording, Mastering & DVD and Candy Sound by Michael Zweig and Brad Nelson except Christmas Would Not Be Christmas (Without You) recorded at Candy Sound by Michael Zweig, with drums recorded at Producers’ Choice by Stephen Stepanic.