1983 (*Re-Released 1987) - Capitol Records

Neruda - Red Rider

NERUDA is the third studio album by the Canadian rock band Red Rider, released in 1983. The album is named after the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, whose works inspired some of the songs on the record. The album features the hit single “Lunatic Fringe”, which became a staple of rock radio and is often considered one of the band’s signature songs.

The album showcases the band’s musical diversity and lyrical maturity, as they explore themes such as political oppression, alienation, love and death. The album also features guest appearances by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and saxophonist Mel Collins. NERUDA is widely regarded as one of the band’s best albums and a classic of Canadian rock music.

Track Listing
  1. Light In The Tunnel [2:24]
  2. Power (Strength In Numbers) [3:54]
  3. Human Race [2:59]
  4. Can’t Turn Back [3:54]
  5. Napoleon Sheds His Skin[5:53]
  6. Walking The Fine Line* [4:50]
  7. Winner Takes All* [4:02]
  8. Sights On You [3:34]
  9. Crack The Sky (Breakaway)
  10. Work Out [3:30]
  11. Light In The Tunnel/Human Race # [4:39]
  12. White Hot**# [5:09]
  13. Lunatic Fringe***# [4:21]

Produced By
David Tickle
Except: *Produced by Ed Thacker   **Michael James Jackson   ***Richard Landis


Tom Cochrane: Lead vocals, guitars, arrangements
Ken Greer: Main guitars, vocals, arrangements
Rob Baker: Drums, percussion
Jeff Jones: Bass guitar, vocals
Steve Sexton: Synthesizers, piano, programming

Recorded & Mixed by David Tickle & Fraser Hill at Metal Works Studios, Toronto, Canada. Additional Mixing & Recording at The Sound Castle and Capitol Records, L.A. California