1987 - Capitol Records – EMI of Canada

Over 60 Minutes With - Red Rider

OVER 60 MINUTES WITH RED RIDER is a compilation album by the Canadian rock band Red Rider, released in 1987. The album features 17 tracks from the band’s first five studio albums, spanning from 1980 to 1986. The album includes some of the band’s most popular songs, such as “Lunatic Fringe”, “White Hot”, “Power (Strength in Numbers)” and “Human Race”. The album also contains two previously unreleased tracks, “Requiem for a Dying Song” and “Light in the Tunnel”.

The album showcases the band’s evolution from a progressive rock outfit to a more mainstream rock act, influenced by the changing musical trends of the 1980s. The album also highlights the distinctive voice and lyrics of lead singer Tom Cochrane, who would later embark on a successful solo career. OVER 60 MINUTES WITH RED RIDER is a comprehensive and satisfying overview of one of Canada’s most influential rock bands of the decade.

  1. Light In The Tunnel [2:24]
  2. Power (Strength In Numbers) [3:54]
  3. Human Race [2:58]
  4. Can’t Turn Back [4:28]
  5. Napoleon Sheds His Skin [5:49]
  6. Walking The Fine Line + [4:49]
  7. Winner Take All + [4:00]
  8. Crack The Sky (Breakaway) [3:58]
  9. Lunatic Fringe ** [4:20]
  10. Cowboys in Hong Kong (As Far As Siam) ** [4:06]
  11. Thru The Curtain ** [3:17]
  12. What Have You Got To Do * [3:18]
  13. White Hot * [5:07]
  14. Don’t Fight It * [4:25]
  15. Avenue “A” * [3:23]
  16.  Young Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me) ++ [3:32]
  17. Breaking Curfew ++ [3:43]

Produced By
David Tickle
*Michael James Jackson
**Richard Landis
+Ed Thacker,
++David Tickle/Tom Cochrane/Ken Greer

Compilation album with tracks taken from all four of Red Rider’s studio albums.