Positive Jeff Jones

2001 - Bullseye Records of Canada Inc.

Positive - Jeff Jones
  1. Here Today 3.41 (K.Greer / J,Jones)
  2. In Recovery 2.51 (J.Boswell)
  3. Diamond Light 4.26 (K.Greer)
  4. I’ll Be There 4.47 K.Greer / J.Jones)
  5. In Through The Out Door 4.01 (J.Jones / R.Coburn)
  6. Land Of You 4.52 (K.Greer / J.Jones)
  7. Positive 3.00 (K.Greer)
  8. First Degree 3.30 (K.Greer / N.Orenstein / J.Jones)
  9. Lonely 3.44 (J.Jones & N.Orenstein)
  10. Magic Words 4.31 (J.Jones / N.Orenstein)
  11. Give 4.38 (J.Boswell)

Jeff Jones: Bass and Vocals
Ken Greer: Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals
Dave Langruth: Drums
Paul Therrien: Percussion (Lonely)
Kurt Schefter: Electric Guitar (In Through The Out Dood, Give, In Recovery, Positive, Here Today)
Steve Jensen: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar (In Thru The Out Door, Lonely, Magic Words)
Peter Nunn: Keyboards (Lonely, Magic Words)
Craig Skala: Electric Guitar (Lonely)
Colleen Allen: Alto Sax (Lonely)
Dave Love: Rickenbacker 12 String Guitar (Magic Words)


The Studios
The Green Room (In Through The Out Door, Lonely, Magic Words) Engineer: Craig Skala
Kenny’s Back Room (Additional recording, programming and pre production) Engineer: Ken Greer
My Father’s Place (Additional recording, In Through The Out Door) Engineer: Michael Vassos
Recorded and mixed at Cheery Beach Sound
Engineered by Ken Greer assisted by Inaam Haq
Digital editing:: Inaam Haq
Produced and mixed by Ken Greer except Lonely
Mixed by Terry Brown at Town Music Studios
Digital editing: Dave Townson
Mastered by Petter J. Moore at The E Room
Photography & Design by Paul Safarian / Goo Factory

Special Thanks: Angelo Oddi, Jim Hoeck, Carman Guerrieri, Claude, Margaret, and Peggy Jones, David Peddie, John, Rachel, Miranda, and Jake Spence, Jeanie, Dana, Morgan, and Courtney Campbell, Cheryl G., Sarah Peddie, Evan Dore – Jones, Bruce Moffat, Lin Pepper, Lance Anderson, Long and McQuade (Bloor and Ossington), Steve’s Music (Queen), Sabian Cymbals, Jaimie and Sharon Vernon, Moe Leeson, Dan Zimmerman, Dulce Barbosa, Roy Roberts, Linda Dawe, Mehernaz Lentin, and The Carpet Frogs, for anyone who has helped me on the way, if your name does not appear on this page, my appreciation is still very real.
We’ll know each other by the smiles on our faces next time we meet.