Pretending To Fly The Carpet Frogs


Pretending To Fly - Jeff Jones
  1. Goodbye [3:38]
  2. One Sense At A Time* [3:06]
  3. Pretending To Fly** [4:36]
  4. Lies** [3:28]
  5. There’s Only When** [3:32]
  6. Look At My Girl [3:51]
  7. Blood Money* [3:37]
  8. Deal’s Been Blown 2:40]
  9. Don’t Tie Me Down* [3:48]
  10. Rain [3:45]
  11. Everything Is Beautiful* [3:36]


Produced By
Michael Zweig *Michael Zweig & Brad Nelson


Nick Sinopoli: Vocals
Michael Zweig: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Dave Love: 6 & 12 string guitars, vocals
Jeff Jones: Bass, vocals
Sean Fitzsimmons: Drums, vocals
Victor D’Arsie organ on One Sense At A Time & Don’t Tie Me Down
Paul Reddick harp on Deal’s Been Blown
Carlo DiBattista & Nick Clayton trumpets on Blood Money

Recorded at Metalworks Recording, Matering & DVD & Candy Sound. Except Rain – basic tracks recorded at Fantom Finger Studios.
Engineered by Ian Bodzasi *Engineered by Brad Nelson. **Mixed by Rich Chycki at Mixland Music & DVD.
Mastered at Metalworks Recording, Mastered & DVD by Scott Lake.
Band Photo by Barry Rioden Photography, Design by Goo Factory.