Pretending To Fly - The Carpet Frogs

Pretending to Fly is the third studio album by The Carpet Frogs, a Canadian classic rock tribute band. The album was released in 2006 and features 11 songs mostly written by the band members. The album showcases the band’s versatility and musical influences, ranging from rock and roll, blues, country, pop and soul. Some of the highlights include the title track and the song Blood Money. The album was produced by Michael Zweig and Brad Nelson and mainly recorded at Metalworks Studios in Mississauga.

  1. Goodbye [3:38]
  2. One Sense At A Time* [3:06]
  3. Pretending To Fly** [4:36]
  4. Lies** [3:28]
  5. There’s Only When** [3:32]
  6. Look At My Girl [3:51]
  7. Blood Money* [3:37]
  8. Deal’s Been Blown 2:40]
  9. Don’t Tie Me Down* [3:48]
  10. Rain [3:45]
  11. Everything Is Beautiful* [3:36]

Produced By
Michael Zweig *Michael Zweig & Brad Nelson


Nick Sinopoli: Vocals
Michael Zweig: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Dave Love: 6 & 12 string guitars, vocals
Jeff Jones: Bass, vocals
Sean Fitzsimmons: Drums, vocals
Victor D’Arsie organ on One Sense At A Time & Don’t Tie Me Down
Paul Reddick harp on Deal’s Been Blown
Carlo DiBattista & Nick Clayton trumpets on Blood Money

Recorded at Metalworks Recording, Matering & DVD & Candy Sound. Except Rain – basic tracks recorded at Fantom Finger Studios.
Engineered by Ian Bodzasi *Engineered by Brad Nelson. **Mixed by Rich Chycki at Mixland Music & DVD.
Mastered at Metalworks Recording, Mastered & DVD by Scott Lake.
Band Photo by Barry Roden Photography, Design by Goo Factory.