1971 - Yorkville / Kama Sutra Records

Put Your Hand In The Hand - Ocean.

Put Your Hand In The Hand is the first album by the Canadian band Ocean, released in 1971. The album features the hit single of the same name, which was written by Gene MacLellan and originally recorded by Anne Murray. The song is a gospel pop tune that expresses faith in God and urges people to follow Jesus’ example. The song reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and number four on the Adult Contemporary chart in the U.S., as well as number one in New Zealand and Norway.

The album also includes songs written by Robbie Robertson, John Sebastian, James Taylor, and others. The band’s style is a blend of pop, rock, soul, and gospel, with harmonies by Greg Brown, Jeff Jones, and Janice Brown. The album was produced by Greg Brown and Ocean, and recorded in Toronto. The album was originally released on the Yorkville label in Canada, and later picked up by Kama Sutra Records in the U.S. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised the band’s vocals, musicianship, and uplifting message.

Track Listing
  1. Put Your Hand In The Hand
  2. Pleasure Of Your Company
  3. I’ve Got A Dream
  4. Deep Enough For Me
  5. Will The Circle Be Upbroken
  6. The One Who’s Left
  7. Stones I Throw
  8. No Other Woman
  9. *Tear Down The Fences (45 B-Side)
  10. *Put Your Hand In The Hand (45 Version)
  11. *(I’ve) We’ve Got A Dream (45 Version)
  12. *No Other Woman (45 Version)

*Additional tracks on re-issued album

Genre: Christian Rock
Year: 1971
Country: Canada
Label: Kama Sutra Records
Catalogue Number: Yorkville YV005 / KSBS 2033
Unidisc UBK-4051

The Toronto band Ocean comprised singer Janice Brown, singer-keyboardist Greg Brown, bassist Jeff Jones, guitarist Dave Tamblyn and drummer Chuck Slater. Their first single, “Put Your Hand in the Hand”, a huge pop hit in 1971, was written by Gene McLellan, who’d played with Robbie Robertson in both the Consuls and the Suedes. Several singles followed during the early ’70s, but none were as popular as the debut. Ocean disbanded in 1975.

A version of Robbie Robertson’s “The Stones That I Throw” originally released on a Levon and The Hawks single in 1965, was included on Put Your Hand In The Hand. The album was re-released as a budget CD on the Unidisc label in 2000.