1989 - Virgin Music Canada – CDV 3065

Safety Zone - GNP

Safety Zone is the debut album of Canadian rock band GNP, released in 1989 by Virgin Records Canada. The album features 11 tracks of melodic rock with pop influences, showcasing the vocals of Robert Bevan and the keyboards of Jim Gilmour. The album was produced by drummer Steve Negus, who also co-wrote most of the songs with Bevan and Gilmour.

The album received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised the catchy melodies, the smooth production, and the musicianship of the band. The album spawned three singles: “How Many Times”, “One Life”, and “Safety Zone”, which received airplay on Canadian radio stations. The album also featured guest appearances by guitarists Bob Bartolucci, John Albani, and Richard Fortin, as well as saxophonist Pat Perez and cellist Ron Chambers.

01: How Many Times 4:07
02: One Life 3:41
03: No Parade 4:31
04: Remembering 4:23
05: Love Must Be the Answer 4:09
06: Safety Zone 4:26
07: Eyes on the Prize 4:15
08: French Connection 3:24
09: Russian Roulette 4:03
10: In Your Eyes 3:46

Virgin Music Canada – CDV 3065

GNP (aka Gilmour Negus Project) is a collection of tracks created by two members of Saga (keyboardist Jim Gilmour and drummer Steve Negus) along with vocalist Robert Bevan.

Jeff Jones – Bass