2015 - Universal Music Canada

Take It Home - Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane’s 2015 album “Take it Home” boasts an impressive collection of 11 remarkable tracks, each one recorded in his home province of Ontario. Cochrane, who is famously known for his incredible musicianship, pours his heart and soul into the album’s theme, which exclusively centers around the concept of time and motion.

The album has been praised for its high-caliber production, accompanied by fellow Red Rider members, and has been labeled as potentially the best album of Cochrane’s illustrious career. “Take it Home” takes listeners on an unforgettable journey through life, with its inspiring lyrics, and unique musical style.

The title track, as well as the show-stopping “Diamonds,” are undeniably the highlights of the album. Overall, “Take it Home” is a masterfully crafted album that is both musically and lyrically outstanding.

  1. Can’t Stay Here

  2. Sunday Afternoon Hang

  3. Diamonds

  4. Country Girls Never Get Old

  5. When The Light Starts To Fade

  6. Pink Time

  7. First Time Around

  8. The One’s That I’ve Known

  9. Another Year

  10. A Prayer For Hope

  11. Back In The Game

Produced By:
Tom Cochrane & Bill Bell


The band: The incomparable Ken Greer, as well as Jeff Jones, Davide Direnzo, Gary Craig, Randall Stoll, Tom Lewis, Nick Gay, the people who contributed considerably to the recording and creation of music. Bill Bell, the amazing Beverely Knight, Tareya Green, Andrew Cole, Jim Keltner, Hutch Hutchinson, Chris Joyner, Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve and Danielle Bourjeaurd

Laya Stone Studio, Parry Sound, Ontario Canada. Engineers: Tom Cochrane, Bill Bell, Denis Tougas. Brewery Loft, Toronto Ontario. Metalworks Studio, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Engineers: Denis Tougas, Kevin Dietz. With additional recording at: Glenwood Place Studio, Burbank, California, USA. Engineer; Florian Ammon. Soleil Studio, Sherman Oaks, California, USA. Engineer: Bill Bell. Mastering: Chris Crerai at Metalworks Studios

Photography: Dustin Rabin. Package Design: David Owen Morgan & Zach Morris