2002 - EMI Music Canada

Trapeze - Tom Cochrane and Red Rider

Trapeze is a compilation album by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider, released in 2002 by EMI Music Canada. It contains 34 tracks that span the career of the Canadian rock band and its lead singer, from their debut album Don’t Fight It in 1980 to Cochrane’s solo album X-Ray Sierra in 1999. The album also includes a bonus disc with 12 live recordings from various concerts and radio sessions.

The title Trapeze refers to the balance between Cochrane’s solo work and his collaboration with Red Rider, as well as the ups and downs of his musical journey. The album features some of the most popular songs by the band and Cochrane, such as White Hot, Lunatic Fringe, Boy Inside The Man, Life Is A Highway, No Regrets and many more. Trapeze is a comprehensive and definitive collection that showcases the talent and versatility of Tom Cochrane and Red Rider.

Disc 1

  1. White Hot
  2. Avenue A
  3. Lunatic Fringe
  4. Light In The Tunnel
  5. Power (Strength In Numbers)
  6. Human Race
  7. Can’t Turn Back
  8. Napoleon Sheds His Skin
  9. Neruda
  10. Young Thing, Wild Dreams
  11. Boy Inside The Man
  12. The Untouchable One
  13. Ocean Blues (Emotion Blue)
  14. Big League
  15. Victory Day
  16. Good Times
  17. Just Like Ali (New)

Disc 2

  1. Life Is A Highway
  2. Mad Mad World
  3. No Regrets
  4. Sinking Like A Sunset
  5. Washed Away
  6. Brave & Crazy
  7. I Wish You Well
  8. Wildest Dreams
  9. Paper Tigers
  10. Dreamer’s Dream
  11. I Wonder
  12. Stonecutter’s Arms
  13. Pictures From The Edge (New)

*Disc 3
*Limited Edition Live Disc

  1. No Regrets (Live)
  2. Good Times (Live)
  3. This Is The World (Live)
  4. Lunatic Fringe (Live)
  5. Life Is A Highway (Live)
  6. Boy Inside The Man (Live)
  7. Big League (Live)

Produced By
Greatest Hits Compilation – Various Producer Credits

2 different versions. 2CD and *3CD *Limited edition album with 3rd bonus live disc.
Greatest Hits compilation featuring tracks from both Red Rider and Tom Cochrane/ & Red Rider.