Here Today

A story depicting the wannabe pop star in all of us. Also a bit of fun at the expense of the entertainment industry (no one we know personally). Working title was “Funky Beet”.

I'll Be There

This was hard, but fun to do. We wanted something that would touch people on an emotional level (great lyrics Ken!) and with a solid groove. Mission accomplished.


A day in the life of some dude as seen through the eyes of Ken. I think he wrote most of the lyrics while stuck in traffic on the DVP in Toronto. A truly wacky moment.

Magic Words

One of the first tracks we recorded. I really enjoyed writing these lyrics. Very intense dynamics. A little trip to the dark side. Lovely.

In Recovery

Written by John Boswell. Excellent songwriter. Just the right pace for this record.

In Through The Out Door

Collaboration with Ray Coburn that has definitely stood the test of time. High energy in this track.

First Degree

Originally sparked by Norman Orenstein and myself, Ken and I worked on it, and that moodiness and sultryness started to happen. Ken’s production and tasty steel guitar at the tail end of the song are the icing on the proverbial cake.

Diamond Light

Written by Ken Greer for his own CD. He was gracious enough to give me first crack at this amazing melody..

Land Of You

An earlier song of Ken’s that I added a few lyrics to. Great song in a concert setting.


Boy has girl - boy loses girl - becomes bitter but maintains his groove.


Was this the vocal I was working on when my car was stolen? A track where the band really gets to rock wildly. Play, play, play.